what is a lighthouse?

The largest problem in Malawi, according to the village chiefs, is orphans. Orphaned children in Malawi are among the most desperate people groups in the world.

In response to this crisis, You Turn Ministries establishes Lighthouses - a place where the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the children can be met. Before attending a You Turn Lighthouse, orphans often go several days at a time without food and are social outcasts because of their situation.

For less than $2 a day, a child who attends the Lighthouse receives:

  • Proper clothing and an understanding of basic hygiene
  • A proper school education, school supplies and uniforms
  • Daily lessons from the Bible
  • A nutritious meal every day after school

Want more information about sponsoring an orphan or Lighthouse?

We've outlined some examples and contact information below.

Sponsoring an orphan or lighthouse

Feed an orphan for a day: $2

Buy a backpack and school supplies: $16

Provide a school uniform: $20

Feed a Lighthouse for a day: $80

Donate now: GIVE

Need more information? Send an email to: Eric Perkins